Senior Wellness

Senior Wellness

It can be hard to admit when we see the signs of old age in our animal companions. Pets age much more rapidly than humans, which means diseases and illnesses progress quicker as well.

To ensure that your pet has the longest, healthiest, most comfortable life possible, Redwood Animal Hospital encourages you to bring your senior pet for exams and blood tests annually. This way, we can track how your pet is aging, and we’ll be more likely to catch any developing diseases before they’re big problems.

Blood tests are one of the most important parts of a senior exam. These blood screenings—often referred to as a “senior panel” will monitor your pet’s overall health.

Periodontal disease is always a threat to our pets’ health and comfort, and it’s particularly tough on older pets. That’s why a dental exam is always part of any senior pet screening as well.

To schedule a wellness exam for your senior pet, call us at 707-839-9414.